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Why buy

Excellent for Game Transport

  • Transport your game safely
  • Lightweight at only 17 pounds
  • Easy to install and use
  • Great for deer, bear, taking gear in and out, corn to feeders

It's Strong and Durable

  • Has strong and secured straps to secure game
  • Comes with a 7 inch central hub wheel
  • Can support up to 300lb of game!

It's easy to carry around

  • Goes where you go
  • Can be strapped around your back
  • Slip-proof and comfortable closed cell foam grips for your hands
  • Can be folded down to a miniscule 29x24x5 inches

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Product Features

  • The RackPacker is a more convenient way of transporting game without hurting yourself
  • Light and durable – The RackPacker can be strapped and carried on your back Can support up to 300lb of game.
  • Easy to install and use immediately
  • Comes with a lifetime limited warranty
  • Comes with online tutorials on how to step up and use The RackPacker
  • Comes with a Shoulder Harness

Product Features

  • Specifically designed to take the weight of the The Rack Packer from your hands.

Our Videos

How to use The Rack Packer.

How to use The Shoulder Harnesss

The Rack Packer in Action!

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